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Block ads. Support content creators. Reduce your data usage.
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How it Works


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Reclaim pays websites to remove ads as you visit them


Take back the internet from ads

The Ultimate Ad Blocker

Ads are everywhere, but they don't need to be. Reclaim removes disruptive ads and gives you a clean, distraction-free internet on all of your devices.  

Other ad blockers support themselves by selling user data or getting paid by websites to let ads through. Reclaim does neither of these.

Support Creators

Ads sustain creators, and without revenue, good content can't exist. Declining journalism is the direct result of this.

We contribute back to creators by paying them for the ad space they already serve. We put money in the hands of creators, while in turn getting rid of ads for you.

Because we support websites, you'll never be told to turn off your ad blocker.

Use less data

Nearly 20% of all data transferred on the internet is ads. That means with a $50 / month cell phone plan, you are spending $10 a month just serving ads.

On top of this, ads slow down webpages and waste your battery. Reclaim's ad blocker can dramatically help users in areas with poor reception get the content they need.


Meet Our Team

Kyle Buckingham

Software Engineer

Alexandra Taylor

Former Advertiser

Mahbub Murshed

Software Engineer